Automotive storage is a company owned by the same people as
JabbaSport. We have been in the motorsport industry for over 20 years now
and can now offer a wide range of top quality, championship winning
services. This doesn’t only mean that your car will be cared for by
knowledgeable individuals with a shared passion, this also means that we
are able to provide a wide range of services from custom remapping and car
set up to full builds and driver tuition.
When storing your race or track car at Automotive storage, you have also
got a team of highly dedicated race technicians on the other side of the
phone which upon your request are able to fulfil any of your motorsport
related needs. Weather this be a full car set up and delivery for a race
weekend, ordering and fitting new tyres ready for your track day or a pit
support team with driver tuition.
This is not just storage.

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